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Blue-Zone Technologies Ltd. is a Canadian company and the leading global provider of innovative technologies and engineered products and services, for the sustainable capture, recovery and production of branded generic anesthetics.

*Blue-Zone has been granted approval from Health Canada for its Desflurane, USP. For the news release [CLICK HERE].

*To assist with the response to COVID-19, we also now manufacture and supply Blue-Zone Hand Sanitizers (with Aloe Vera). Our Health Canada approved formulation is manufactured at our Health Canada approved GMP-compliant facility in Toronto. For bilingual brochure [CLICK HERE].


Blue-Zone's Solution for Hospitals

Deltasorb® and Centralsorb® Halogenated Anesthetic Recovery & Recycling

  • "Prevent the Vent"® of anesthetic gases from hospital operating rooms into the community.
  • Spend less than $10 per day per operating room or in a central location for halogenated anesthetic drug capture and recovery; the only true "Cradle to Cradle"® system in the world.
  • Comply with EPA toxic release regulations and Occupational Health and Safety Standards.
  • Showcase your hospital as a green community partner.

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Dr. Gerry O'Leary, MB, FRCPC "We are pleased to collaborate with Blue-Zone, not only because the technology is innovative but also because it can extend the useful life cycle of a...
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Deltasorb® Anesthetic Collection Service Launches New Website

Blue-Zone Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of its new Deltasorb® Anesthetic Collection Service website. The website is a resource...


4) How much does the canister weigh when full?

Approximately 5 lbs and each canister can adsorb approximately two full bottles of halogenated anesthetics. ...

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14-84 Citation Drive Concord (Toronto), ON Canada L4K 3C1
Tel: (905) 761-1224 Fax: (905) 761-3371

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