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Deltasorb® : The Simple Solution

5 Steps to cleaner air

The Deltasorb® Anesthetic Collection Service offers hospitals a low-cost option to stop the release of toxic anesthetics into the environment. The Deltasorb® Anesthetic Collection Service is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to the venting of harmful anesthetic gases. The Deltasorb® canister system is a patented innovation that captures anesthetics in the hospital operating room and/or in a central location, rather than venting them out of the hospital, and the only viable solution in the world for true Halogenated Anesthetic Drug Recovery. The canisters are then transported to our facility to be processed.

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Step 1: Preliminary Assessment Report

  • Site Visit to find out about your hospital
  • Analysis report to determine your needs
  • Sign agreement

Step 2: Install Demonstration Canisters

  • Establish volume and return rates
  • 2-4 weeks demonstration period

Step 3: Install Final Setup

  • Full installation
  • Staff training and procedure confirmation
  • Monitoring of the implementation, and the volume and return rates

Step 4: Establish Supply and Service Deliveries

  • Weekly and bi-weekly deliveries available

Step 5: Monitor Carbon Credits

  • Track volume
  • Report Carbon Credits
  • Invoice monthly

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Rick Paradis, RRT, RRCP, B Adms. "Our hospital is pleased to pioneer this unique sustainable Canadian invention - a first in the world."...
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18) Is a Nurse or RT required to handle the canister?

The hospital has the authority to decide who is responsible for canister handling and change-outs. Both jobs are simple enough to be performed by virt...

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